2-18-17 Cookie for Cops Day…..Beautiful Day Sunshine and plenty of Cookies….


Our annual Cookie for Cops was held on Saturday 2-18-17 this year the cookie presentation had a real special touch..Marcy Mc Ginnis Hodson has been the organizer of this event for the past several years, she was proud of this event and enjoyed every minute of the planning process.  Marcy passed away very suddenly on 1-10-17 and left a hole in the auxiliary, but we have decided to continue with the event in her honor. Mission BBQ was on hand to give out sandwich cards for each cookie tray.  Shannon from MIssion BBQ on the Roosevelt Blvd. has been very generous and supportive to our cause. Police Commissioner Richard Ross was in attendance and received his tray with joy and excitement, he made our day even more special. With the leadership of Bucks County Hell Raisers and Traffic divisions we headed out to the 16th and 22nd districts for their delivery. After the 2 districts deliveries were completed we headed back to MIssion BBQ for a special lunch and presentation. If you are interested in making any cookies please leave us a message and we will reach out to you at donnagiulian@comcast.net or cell 215-820-0865 or any other board member.

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