FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary

FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary

Welcome To The FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary In Philadelphia!

Who We Are

The FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary was started in January, 2009, by a group of family members of police officers after six Philadelphia Police Officers were killed in the line of duty within a very short time. 

They needed support from people who understood what living with a police officer is like, and how they deal with the everyday stress of knowing their loved one puts his/her life on the line every day, and may not return home from their tour of duty.


We promote and support unity within our Blue Family, and remember those we lost. We “Never Let Them Walk Alone.”


We volunteer our time, and hold events and raffles throughout the year to give back to police-related and other causes.


We support family-centered activities within the police, local communities, and any Pro-Police Movement causes.

latest news

January Meeting Canceled

Due to safety concerns for everyone’s heath the January monthly Auxiliary meeting is canceled. Sorry we won’t get to meet, but with the recent surge

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