Auxiliary President’s Letter To District Attorney Larry Krasner

February 23, 2021 Office of the Philadelphia District Attorney 3 South Penn Square Philadelphia PA 19107 Dear Mr. Krasner, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna Giulian, and I am the President of the FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary of Philadelphia. Our organization is a support group for the Philadelphia Police Officers and their […]

Help Unseat Krasner And Elect A New District Attorney

To say that this is a disgrace isn’t enough. The only way to stop these disrespectful actions is to get rid of the person responsible for them. District Attorney Lynne Abraham had respect for our Police Officer Heroes. The Wall is a sign of what a good DA did to show that respect. Carlos Vega […]

Auxiliary Rally At NBC 10 News

The Auxiliary held a rally today outside the offices of NBC Channel 10 News to support Philadelphia Police. The news station recently aired an image that portrayed Philadelphia’s Finest, men and women who put their lives on the line every day, in a disrespectful and unflattering light. The incident is an affront of the highest […]