About Us

Our mission is to be here for Police and their families.
If you want to show your police support please join us!


The FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary was started in January 2009 by a group of family members of police officers after six Philadelphia Police Officers were killed in the line of duty within a very short time. They needed support from people who understood what living with a police officer is like and how they deal with the everyday stress of knowing their loved one puts his/her life on the line everyday and may not return home from their tour of duty. We offer support to any family member of an active, retired or deceased member of FOP Lodge 5. Auxiliary members must be at least 18 years of age. Meetings are held monthly at Lodge 5’s headquarters located at 11630 Caroline Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154.

Over the last 13 years we have had the continued support of John McNesby and the FOP Executive Board. We have also been a standout Auxiliary, most recently recognized by the Pennsylvania State FOP Auxiliary as “Auxiliary of the Year” in 2012, 2013, and 2018 for our efforts.

To date we have raised $10,000 for the Survivor’s Fund.  The Auxiliary sponsors many events throughout the year including;

  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Semi-Formal Gala
  • Vendor Shopping Nights (proceeds are donated to various charities including The Parkinsons’ Foundation, Young Survivor Coalition, FOP Survivor’s Fund, Special Olympics, and Easter Seals)
  • Coach Bag Bingo

Click here for more information about joining us. We’re always looking for new members!

Thanks for your support,

Donna Giulian, President
FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary