FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary

Another Great Cookies For Cops Event

Cookies For Cops is a big undertaking even during the best of times. The pandemic made it more challenging, but we succeeded - thanks to all of YOU who supported and donated to our cause.
Cookies for Cops 2021

The final round of Cookies For Cops, 2021, is in the books. That’s one great group of Police supporters pictured above!

Thank you, as always, to the FOP for their support, and to VP Steve Weiler for kicking off the deliveries. There was no news today about our event. Maybe because it was positive? Shame on the news outlets!

A very big Thank You to Officer Hearn, and to the great group from Hell Raisers MC for an eventful escort and run to the new Mini Station, the 24th and 25th, and AID.

Last, but not least, we send a big THANK YOU out to all our donors who helped us purchase cookies to match all the donations from these generous bakeries who donated! The next time you need baked goods – please support these pro-police establishments! (The following list courtesy of Kristie Trost Samarco)


Thank you all for your help and support in making this another heart warming event. Let’s see what 2022 brings. Maybe a change, and back to February.

Donna Giulian