FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary

Auxiliary President’s Letter To District Attorney Larry Krasner

"I read the reason being offered for covering up the Wall was because of a law requiring such areas be covered for media or press conferences. What law, and why now?"

February 23, 2021

Office of the Philadelphia
District Attorney
3 South Penn Square
Philadelphia PA 19107

Dear Mr. Krasner,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna Giulian, and I am the President of the FOP Lodge 5 Auxiliary of Philadelphia. Our organization is a support group for the Philadelphia Police Officers and their families. Most of our members are spouses, parents, or children of officers who know firsthand just how different the life of a police officer can be on any given day. Other members are friends and citizens, even some retired officers, who want to show their support for our police officers. Our motto is “Never Let Them Walk Alone.”

The organization is fortunate to have the daughters of one of the Fallen HEROES, Officer Joseph Kelly, within our membership. His family gathered yesterday (just days after you disrespected Fallen Heroes) on the 50th Anniversary of his murder on the streets of Roxborough. This anniversary was even more hurtful (if that is possible) with your actions. While Officer Kelly’s picture may not have been on the wall, when you disrespect the memory of one HERO you disrespect the memories of all our HEROES.

To this day, you continue to dishonor the memory of Fallen HERO, Officer Daniel Faulkner and his widow. You ignored her request to call her before any updates or announcements are made on the case. In 2020, our city and the Police Department lost another HERO, Officer James O’Connor. He was killed because you allowed a known criminal with a lengthy record to return to the streets. If the appropriate sentence and punishment were given for his many prior criminal actions, Officer O’Connor would be here today.  His family would not be preparing for the first anniversary of his death because you had a different opinion on a criminal being released back onto the streets. The widows of both these Heroes will not let their husbands’ memories be disrespected.  I hope that they continue to have the strength and tenacity to fight any action that disrespects their memory, just like every family who had a Officer’s photo on the Wall, that they find the strength to stand up for those who have been silenced to a grave.

While I am trying to make some sense of your action, I read the reason being offered for covering up the Wall was because of a law requiring such areas be covered for media or press conferences.  What law and why now?  You have had other press conferences in the building during your tenure where it never appeared to be a problem. In reading the response made by your office to hear that you abide by the law and that is why the cover was put over the Heroes is insulting and not believable.  If only this were true when it comes time to prosecuting those who our officers arrest for criminal actions, then maybe our city would not be known as “Killadelphia” to the entire country. Prosecution to the fullest extent of the law may have saved so many of the 500 citizens who were killed in 2020.

During my husband’s career, I always prayed that when his tour was over he came home safely. Now I say the same prayer every day for my son, that when his tour is over, he returns safely home to his family. Unfortunately, the families of those who you disrespected, the nightmare of their officer never coming home came true.  As a part of a larger police family, together we stand and live with the fear every day that is a reality to all these HERO families.

May the memory of all our FALLEN HEROES live on forever, despite your actions.

Thank you for your time.

Donna Giulian